Back to the real life

22 Sep

Okay…long time since I last posted. Life gets in the way of stuff like blogging. As much as I try to limit my “online” time, I do see the rewards of blogging.

Our summer had highs and lows, but, thankfully, mostly highs. I’m still trying to figure out how the summer slipped by so fast. Now my kiddos are back in school and I am trying to sort out the post-summer mess left behind from three months of adventures.

Miss Iz is now in 6th grade and Mr. M.E. is in 3rd. As is my normal mode I entered this new school year full of fear. Will Mr. M.E.’s new teacher understand my son’s needs? Will Miss Iz respond well to having her first male teacher and can she handle the pressures of the new school year without too much time in her therapist’s office?

So far Mr. M.E.’s teacher and classroom aide have been fantastic in assessing his needs and making accommodations. I am happy to report this is the first year I won’t be a volunteering in his classroom. He has come so far! Plus, and I’m absolutely gushing about this one, his speech therapist announced he has graduated! Graduated! No word has sounded so sweet to me. : ) Now we just have to work on O.T.

Miss Iz, having changed her name yet again, is loving Mr. G. He has so many great incentive programs that really speak to who Miss Iz is as a person. She has only had one meltdown over homework and organization issues. Not bad. She’ll be back with Dr. Stacey soon for an appointment, but I don’t think we’ll need weekly session like last year.

I’m navigating all my volunteer responsibilities and it is that much easier now that I am not needed in Mr. M.E.’s classroom. I’m on my final year of serving on our school advisory council and I fear this may be the most challenging year of all. With a light at the end of the tunnel shining me through I feel like I will just run like hell towards it and not look back.

Health wise I am doing much better. I had suffered a huge relapse in February, but came through fairly unscathed. I’m on new medication that requires a monthly infusion at St. Vincent Hospital. Thankfully the infusion nurses are some of the nicest people I know so I don’t dread going. I do dread the poke to get the line in me, but it is a small price to pay to remain healthy.

Each day I try to be a better wife, mother, friend, Catholic, and neighbor. Each day is another opportunity to improve. Occassionally I am successful.

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