I miss her

20 Jun

This weekend was very, very difficult. Our community came together to celebrate our Sarah who recently lost her battle with melanoma. Nothing about her rosary or funeral was easy, but it was all necessary. I cried, I laughed, I hugged, and I felt both empty and full at the same time. I miss her so damn much. It tears at my heart. Loving someone and losing them makes you want to run to your bed and throw the covers over your head and grieve in private, but that is not how we do it in our community. We are there for one another. We check in on one another and that caring helps our hearts mend and lets us know that we are loved.

Sarah has now completed her transformation to heaven. She has her wings and she is enjoying her freedom from her body on earth. She is waiting to greet each of us with that big smile and warm hug and kiss on the lips. She loved us ALMOST as much as we love her (wink wink). Sarah taught us a lot of important lessons, but the one I am learning right now is that life is too damn short to be wasted on trivial stuff.

I love you Sarah Elizabeth Schor Bach and I always will.

I wear my orange bracelet still because I am forever your warrior.

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