10,000 steps and another big step

17 Jun

I have been wearing my bodybugg for weeks now thinking it will keep me motivated and on track. Yeah, right! You have to use it completely to make it work for you! I don’t log my food consistently and I haven’t hit my activity levels most days. That is…until today!

Tonight, after dinner, I walked to Sarah prayers and back (3 miles round trip) and hit my 10,000 steps. Hooray! Today I didn’t drink a diet coke, eat candy, or indulge in treats. I drank water, ate apples, ate oranges, and scrubbed the bathroom rather than sit and watch tv. I think I watched less than 90 minutes of tv today.

But my big step is coming clean with my Kris. He doesn’t know how depressed I’ve been or unhappy in my physical state of being. I asked him for his support and to not bring treats into the house. I asked him to hold me accountable for any backsliding (and there will be some). But mostly I wanted to make it real with someone so that I couldn’t change my mind. I’ve got to do this. It’s for my family and for myself.

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