Ugh…the truth stinks

16 Jun

Yesterday I looked at the lovely photo book my son’s first grade teacher made him and it was lovely. Oh, how he has grown and changed this year. But then I saw the photo that rocked my world: I am fat. I am huge!

I have been able to weather the increasing poundage on my body and convince myself I mask it well, but no longer. The photo shows me what other people see and it ain’t a pretty picture of health.

I told myself last month when my nephew Sean shipped off to Iraq that I would have a five pound per month weightloss goal until he returned safely to US soil. So far, I haven’t met that goal. But today is a new day.

So beginning today, June 16th, I am officially turning over a new leaf. More water. More fresh produce. More movement. More of everything good and healthy. I’ll step away from the fast food, diet sodas, and processed junk. Today is a day of renewal and hope.

I know I have done a number on my body, but it is never too late to make a positive change. Today is that day. Now is that time. No more fooling myself.

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